Window Tinting

Window Tinting Window tinting has a primary use as insulation for your homes glass windows. The value of this has never been higher, both economically and environmentally.  The significance of the possible heat reduction benefits Window Tinting Gold Coast can bring you should not be underestimated. There is little sense trying to let your air conditioning go head to head with the sun all by itself. Simply put, there will only be one winner it that battle, and you guessed which. The mechanical item can’t beat a constantly burning ball of fire. Reductions of energy entering through your windows exceeding 80% are achievable using modern technologies. This obvious heat reduction quickly equates to less use of your cooling systems – an obvious cost benefit of window tinting.

Window tinting as a heat reduction method is not the only reason for the application of window films. Privacy if desired is another bonus of window tinting with most films reducing the ability to see into your home or, as quite often required, in office window tinting also. This doesn’t necessarily mean your windows will look like the mirror in your bathroom either. We can achieve this mirror effect if you so desire, but most grey or charcoal window films with give full day time privacy whilst looking a natural colour similar for what most car window tinting looks like. If on the other hand you have a night time view you wish to keep without being hindered, of if you would like to keep your homes appearace from the outside as it is now, we carry most window tinting types and we can happily apply window tinting that will suit these needs also – we specialize in all forms of home or commercial window tinting.

Window tinting also greatly aids in the internal protection of your greatest asset. The suns powerful UV rays are a major cause of deterioration within your home. Everything that would normally be exposed to ultraviolet radiation will be protected once behind tint. All of our window tinting has a 99.9% reduction of UV. This helps protect curtains and blinds that can fade or warp, carpet can have years added to its life and internal furniture such as lounge suites and coffee tables will likely have a far greater life expectancy. The real question is – can you afford to not have us apply window tinting.

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