Window Tint Removal

Window Tint RemovalWindow Tint Removal can be a time consuming and pain stacking job if you don’t have the correct tools, chemicals and techniques that are required for a quick and clean window tint removal. Even for our trained technicians who have removed thousands of panels, this can be a slow process.

Many websites offer basic ideas on window tint removal but this is often of little help, especially when it come to home window tinting and office window tinting were the adhesive makes it a lot more difficult  to achieve a fast and clean window tint removal. Most clients will give us a call after a few hours of work. Usually the film has delaminated and they don’t know what to do.

At Tint Direct we have all the right gear to make the job look easy. This process can involve heat, razor blades, scrubbing and specially formulated adhesive removal chemical which will aid in a nice window tint removal.  Most people can’t believe they spent hours removing small amounts of film after watching the professionals at work.

We will remove your old inferior home window tinting anywhere on the Gold Coast, and can replace it with shiny new crystal clear tint that won’t give you the problem again. Our solar film comes with a warranty which also coverers our workmanship. This mean it will be the last time you need us for window tint removal.