Safety Film Gold Coast

Safety Film
Safety film or safety glass film is somewhat different from conventional window film in as much as it is design to hold or retain glass in its position after an impact event. Safety glass by itself generally shatters into small pieces rather than into large glass shards that present dangerous situations, as its often toughened glass. Safety film is generally made from polyester materials with an adhesive coating to hold itself to the glass. Safety film supplied and installed by us complies with Australia standard (AS1288-2006) for human impact considerations.

Clear Advantages
• You do not need to replace glass to comply with Australian Standard AS1288 if we apply our product
• Toughened glass Without Safety Film Gold Coastwill generally be held in place by safety film – resulting in both easy clean up and the remains of the pane normally staying in place (toughened glass does not crack like normal glass – it shatters instantly upon an sharp impact event)

• Cost effective as it normally saves replacing panes of glass, by simply applying safety film to existing glass – the added protection can achieve the required Australian standard.

Furthermore, In severe storm events, safety film can act as another barrier from hurling debris outside and help protect inside occupants, by reducing the chance of high velocity glass shards after an impact.