Frosted Glass Gold Coast

FROSTED GLASS GOLD COAST can have just about any normal window of piece of glass looking like either acid etched glass or sandblasted glass.  Our client’s requirements vary from small amounts of frosted glass around a front door to larger commercial applications where whole shop fronts are to required to look like frosted glass on the Gold Coast.

Frosted glass is translucent glass, where light is allowed to pass through, but is scattered as it does leaving only basic outlines and shapes visible. This is the main reason people look for either frosted glass or window frosting. This works for both day and night time privacy, where window tinting can only achieve this through the day time. To make your home more private whilst letting light come in, frosted glass gold coast have the answer.

Our method that gives pre-existing glass a frosted look on the gold coast uses quality frosted films installed onto the glass.  This process is quite quick and leaves no mess. It is also extremely cost effective compared to reglazing – and very hard to spot the difference – giving the most realistic possible look. Frosted glass Gold Coast carries a variety of films to suit your taste of purpose. Our skilled technicians are friendly and only to happy to help with your frosted glass needs on the Gold Coast.

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