Window Tinting Gold Coast

House Window Tinting Gold CoastWindow Tinting on the Gold Coast by Tint Direct is the easiest way to start cooling your home with only the highest quality American made products.  Our outstanding value for money doesn’t only mean ultra competitive prices, which is important to say the least, but more over all work is carried out by our highly experienced technicians using only the best quality American made window film! Our staff can most definantly supply and install the most appropriate film for your specific needs and all service is guaranteed to come with a friendly smile! We really are the one stop shop for Window Tinting.

The greatest thing about window tinting – more specifically – the advancements in film technologies is that multiple positive outcomes that can be achieved with current tints.

Window Tinting Prices

WINDOW TINTING GOLD COAST – benefits include

  • Heat reduction – Window tinting is most commonly known for its abilities to reduce the amount of solar energy entering your home or office. Heat is both blocked and reflected giving a reduction in internal temperature, which doesn’t just make your house far more comfortable to live in, but drastically takes the load of things like air conditioners, fridges and freezers.
  • Your internal furnishing deterioration is reduced by window tinting application. UV (ultraviolet light) is a great cause of fading to not just your curtains and window coverings, but also to timber furniture, carpets, floor boards, lounge suites and even some plastics. All of the Window Tinting we use on the Gold Coast has a 99.9% UV block helping to save the inside of your home from deterioration.
  • Window Tinting can help stop your neighbours and other prying eyes seeing straight into your house and is a great form of privacy, without giving that claustrophobic or locked in feeling.  If this is the desired effect, we can normally make it all but impossible for your neighbours or people walking down the street to see in whilst your inside going about your daytime activities. For this window tinting, on the gold coast makes lots of sense given that our neighbours are closer than ever.Window Tint

To find out more about Window Tinting on the Gold Coast call us today on our toll free number 1800 766 795 to speak to one of our friendly consultants – top quality, amazing service and great prices, we definitely aim to please!